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How I became a Cat Nanny

Hello again! You may or may not know my job title is Cat Nanny! Yup that really is a job, and I have to say it’s probably the best job title to ever have. Especially when I am a crazy cat lady. I wont lie, if I was asked where I saw myself this year I would have never of said I would be working at Maison De Moggy.

As a customer a few years ago I dreamed of working here, working in your slippers, getting to spend time with the babies one on one and just getting to work in such a relaxing environment. I’ve only been a few times before I worked there, so I knew how peaceful it is and how the it sort if runs and works. Although I must admit I never knew all the cats names off by heart when I first started, especially how you say Guillaume name. However, almost a year later and I’m a pro and feel like I’ve really come out my shell with this job. I’ve really become more outgoing, energetic and also gotten over my anxiety.

The most recent customer experience I had before working there was when I took my mum for mother’s day last year. She absolutely loved it there as she is also a fellow crazy cat lady so she was right at home. I’m sure the day we went was a Tuesday, it was after I had an interview at the art university we went to the cat session for the 1:15 slot. It was such a great experience to share with my mum, she loved it and she got her favourite cake, rocky road. The staff who where there at the time were so friendly and welcoming. Because it was quiet session they were more one on one telling us all about the cats and what they like. I remember talking to my mum about how amazing it would be to work there and let alone a few months later I do. It was really enjoyable time and I would recommend it to anyone who like cats or just needs an hour away from life. It is definitely a relaxing place and very therapeutic.

I have to say this is by far the best and my favourite job I have ever had and I love it so much. This is just a little overview of my first experience at Maison De Moggy. I’m going to later do more on what it is about, what to expect when you get there and also about all the wee babies in the cafe.

Katty Gal xo