Maison De Moggy

Cafe with cats….what is this?

Have you ever been to a cat cafe before? Yes? No? Well either way I would highly recommend visiting my lovely work.

Maison De Moggy was the first ever cat cafe in Scotland and we are the first cat cafe in Europe to have the Sphynx bread and her name is Elodie and she is the big star for our show. We have been running now for 3 years, first in Stockbridge and now we have moved to our permanent location of West port, just down from the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.

In the lovely sea of beautiful yellows and blues of the cafe we have 12 Moggy babies! 4 girls and 8 boys of which we have 7 breeds. Each of our babies have different personality’s and they are all well looked after and loved by not only their parents or the staff but our lovely customers, regulars and visitors alike.

I have been a part of this wonderful Moggy family for about a year now and it has been amazing, the opportunity to work here has made all my crazy cat lady dreams come true. As they say if you work at something you love then is it really working?Before anyone asks do I have a favourite, you honestly cant choose one, each is so different and all so lovely. I can really see the difference in them and how they act towards me now to when I first started. You build the relationship with them more and more throughout working her and a few have now came out their shell towards me which makes me so happy. Jacques our oldest one, is known as our gentle giant, he’s a 5 year old white Norwegian Forrest cat and he’s a giant baby. At first he would run away and not be too keen on my petting him but now a days, especially in the morning he is so loving towards me, all ways wanting attention and groomed. He truly is a gentle giant! This was such a big deal to me and to Jacques as he only takes a liking to a handful of people and I am proud that I am now one of them.

Pauline our Maine Coon is similar as she only takes a liking to some people, and we had a connection straight away. Some people like to say it’s because she’s a big goth cat and I’m a big goth gal so that’s why, and I believe this. She is such an amazing cat. But don’t get me wrong she is a very sassy diva at times, especially when it comes to being stroked! Much like Coco, our black British Short hair, she only likes her head being touched, avoid the tummy at all times!!! Or if you don’t you will feel the claws, teeth and hear the scream.

In all I would highly recommend visiting our lovely cafe, not only for our fabulous coffee and delicious cakes but for our moggys who are the true stars! Each have their own personally which means you will definitely bond with one if not more of our stars.

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