Scottish Tattoo Convention

Hello again world! Here is my first sort of review blog post so bare with me, I’m a little rusty still, but I’m getting into the swing of things. On a side note I’m planning on having a more structured upload of posts so they are more frequent for those who read these bad boys. Also depending on my mood I’m in will depend on my style of writing as I am currently in a fabby mood this will come across more chatty, so here we go.

I am going to do a small review on the 8th annual Scottish tattoo convention, I know it’s a month late but I have had a lot on with work and birthdays this month, but as they say better late than never. I have been to the tattoo convention twice now and it never fails to impress me if I’m honest. Like last year it was held at Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the last weekend of March. However unlike last year we weren’t blessed with a nice hot day with sunshine as a few days before it had snowed in Scotland which no one was happy about at all. This year I introduced Jay to this beautiful world of ink and he loved it which I couldn’t be more happy about.

I will quickly do a breakdown of what to expect if you have decide to go to this next year which I highly recommend you do. There is a whole bunch of amazing and sadly some not too amazing tattoo artist from not only Scotland but different parts of the world. There is something for everyone’s tastes from classic traditional tattoos, minimalist work, black and white works, neo traditional, old school, modern and everything in between, you will most likely find an artist work you’d fall in love with. They are split in two rooms and the go within there studio as some studios have one rep and others have a few just depends.

However there is not only just tattoo artists, Dr Martians set up a stall and they do a competition to win different Dr Martin products that have been hand drawn on and are each unique which I sadly have never won, but third this is the charm. There also some other stalls, jewellery ones, pin up vintage style clothes as well as other clothes types, body modifications stalls, a stall to get a pin up makeover and this year we had hand painted old school signs and a kids face paint and stick on tattoo stall! There is also a stall for Cervena Fox’s signed photos and merch but we will get into chatting abut her later.

As you walk round the busy venue, you get to see each artist works, they usually have books of what they have either done or their flash sheets. Not ever artist is available for walk ups so you are best to organise times before that weekend if there is something you definitely want just so you aren’t disappointed. Oh and it’s not regular cheapest! As it’s in Edinburgh tattoo artist rates are a lot higher to where I normal go, and seen as it’s a convention if you are wanting a decent Pam size tattoo expect it to be £200-300 or up, so prewarning be prepared. I sadly couldn’t afford anything this year as the convention lay just before my pay day but I did splash out on some art work from the artist, merch and a very fitting new phone case with crazy cat lady on it. It was meant to be!

You don’t just wonder round in silence either, there is a number of different acts on durning the whole weekend. Different performers such as the circus preformers, Cervena Fox and also the miss pin up competition. As well as all of these there are different commotions through the days for the tattoo artists based on their works, however I have never been early enough to see them.My all time favourite performance was done by Cervena Fox of course, I met her last year and again this year. The fact that she remembered me and asked me specific things and how I was getting on with them meant a lot. If you don’t know she is a British goddess, who is also a model, performer and tattoo apprentice. She is honestly so lovely and was so nice to me and jay, we spoke to her before her amazing performance and then again after. Her performance was a lot different than last years but still amazing. Last year she did a fire based performance but this year she was trying out a new routine and hung from chains and even covered herself in fake blood. A good time you say and I must agree it was. Before we left we said our good byes with her and I bought her last signed model photo of her and her husband in stormtrooper helmets, which I’m sure some of you might be familiar with, she added on to it and signed it to me and it meant a lot. I cannot wait to go back next year and have a wee chat with her again.

In all it was a really good day and Jay really enjoyed himself, there is loads to look at and do with the added help of small food vans out back and a bar you are content there for hours. I am definitely going back again but this time with more money. Now bring on London tattoo convention in September, I cannot wait. I hope you enjoyed this little chit chat informal review, as I said I’m still rusty since I’m new so bare with me. I will leave the link to the website if you want to see the list of the artist who came out this year, it also has links to their Instagram so you can see there works, and thanks or reading

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